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We first used mobile phones for remote diagnosis in Africa – to see if we’d just flat out fail… instead, we were able to save many lives. – Ting Shih, CEO & Founder

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We work with world’s most innovative health organizations to defy status quo of healthcare so that more patients can easily access high-quality, expert healthcare that truly improves their health outcomes. We are proud of our partners / customers, who use ClickMedix to power their innovative healthcare services.

Innovations in Diabetes Care Around the World: Case Studies of Care Transformation Through Accountable Care Reforms

Original Article on Common Wealth Fund Synopsis The rising rate of diabetes worldwide has in recent years spurred a number of innovative prevention and [...]

Medtronic Shruti: Ear Infection Screening and Treatment (served 100,000+ patients)

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Medtronic and ClickMedix partners to provide ear-infection screening program in India to prevent unnecessary hearing loss. In Partnership With Medtronic is [...]

Designing an Affordable Health Care Program for Hispanic Immigrants in New York City

Read the full article here Designing an Affordable Health Care Program for Hispanic Immigrants in New York City Supporting Grameen America in offering innovative health [...]

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