PHYSICIANS / SPECIALISTS: Reach More Patients in Less Time

Provide care from any where while serving 4x more patients
PHYSICIANS / SPECIALISTS: Reach More Patients in Less Time

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HOME CARE: More On-Site Care Reduces Hospitalizations

Improve workforce training and tools to expand care
HOME CARE: More On-Site Care Reduces Hospitalizations

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TEDx Presentation

In this TEDx talk, founder of ClickMedix and Click Diagnostics, Ting Shih, describes how to create mobile health (mhealth) economics in order to provide affordable healthcare to all.

ClickMedix on American Telemedicine Association (ATA) video channel

⦿ World Economic Forum, McKinsey, and Duke University Formed IPIHD to Help Scale Successful Social Enterprises

The International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD), catalyzed by the World Economic Forum, was formed as a result of McKinsey’s extensive research analyzing innovators worldwideRead IPIHD profile on ClickMedix

⦿ UN Report Features ClickMedix as Sustainable Business

The Innovation Working Group (IWG) was convened by the United Nation Secretary General in 2010 to harness the power of cost-effective innovation to accelerate progress towards achieving the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The UN report identified business model innovations that can scale and ultimately, improve health outcomes. Read the full UN report

⦿ US Healthcare M&A Report – 1872% increase in home health care

US M&A activity showed 1872% increase in deal values for home health care, with second largest change of 846% in physician medical groups, and largest 2012 value for managed care at $18.8B. Healthcare is shifting towards home-based and facility-based care. Read the PWC report

⦿ World Health Organization Compendium for Emerging Technologies – ClickMedix

World Health Organization (WHO) Highlights ClickMedix as “Mobile technology to connect patients to remote doctors” under commercialized innovations.  Read WHO Compendium