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Promotoras de Salud as Healthcare Coordinators

  • Help patients adhere to a complex care plan.
  • Create a therapeutic alliance between the patients, care givers, primary doctors, non-medical personnel, and family members.
  • Act as user interface for Western Diabetes Institute model.
  • Relate to patients on a deeper, personable level.

Promotoras de Salud in the Healthcare Field:

A promotora de salud is a Hispanic/ Latino community member who receives specialized training to provide basic health education in the community. They are responsible for the longitudinal coordination, communication, and integration of care delivery across the entire healthcare ecosystem for each patient. They focus on personalizing lifestyle change and management. Their work is enabled by using ClickMedix as their sole IT platform to communicate, and make actionable, all types of data, and to provide real-time health record accessibility to all parties involved in the patient’s care, including the referring primary care providers and the patients themselves. With ClickMedix, promotora de saluds are able to incorporate the Diabetes Cross-Disciplinary Index.