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Diabetes Cross-Disciplinary Index (DXDI©)

  • Easy To Read
    This comprehensive assessment enables patients to view medical information in one concise, informative grid.
  • Patient Engagement
    Form and color transform the way patients view their own disease and increases patient engagement.
  • Understanding Of Blood Glucose Levels
    The grid increases readability and understanding of patients’ blood glucose levels.

At the end of the day, the patient, Care Coordinator/Promotora de Salud, and Clinical Pharmacist meet and review at-a-glance the complexity and severity of the patient’s composite health condition that is visualized and communicated through the aid of a “balanced scorecard”, referred to as the Diabetes Cross-Disciplinary Index (DXDI©). The DXDI scorecard, an 11-dimension by 5-level grid, is created for each diabetes patient and enhances their understanding and engagement. Written in easy-to-understand language, it illustrates on a single page the complexity and severity of co-morbidities and complications that may be present and allows patients to become the most active and vocal members of their care team.