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MHEALTH TOOLBOX: an interactive, hands-on workshop featuring innovative health devices designed for healthcare providers

Founder of ClickMedix, Ting Shih, served as faculty in the inaugural MHEALTH TOOLBOX workshop, an interactive and hands-on workshops featuring most advanced medical / healthcare devices designed to help [...]

Consumerizing Healthcare Delivery via Techshop

By Ryan Carag The time I’ve spent over the last year at the TechShop DC-Arlington has been transformative for me. I am the Chief Product Officer for a mobile [...]

Click’s Solution for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH)

Maternal, newborn and child health is an important focus of ClickDiagnostics’ projects. In our partnership with BRAC Manoshi, we designed a mHealth system specifically for Maternal, Newborn, and Child [...]

Offshore or onsite developers?

One of the key decisions in building ClickDiagnostics' services is whether to use offshore or onsite developers. On the one-hand, offshore developers offer competitive pricing, but on the other hand, you [...]

Experiences working with CHWs and patients in Bangladesh

Hi everyone! This is my first post after a long time, and I have a lot of exciting learnings to share. ClickDiagnostics has been operating in Bangladesh for over a [...]

Exciting Developments in Click Bangladesh

This is to update you on the exciting developments in Click Bangladesh. As you probably know, we started our first official venture with BRAC (the largest NGO in the [...]

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