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Promotoras de Salud as Healthcare Coordinators

Promotoras de Salud in the Healthcare Field:

A promotora de salud is a Hispanic/ Latino community member who receives specialized training to provide basic health education in the community. They are responsible for the longitudinal coordination, communication, […]

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The LC3 Concept

What is it?

A Humanities course and a disruptive innovation in health profession education.

LC3 works to integrate a real patient with a health care professions student to help develop the student’s social skills relating to the […]

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Medtronic Shruti Program: Ear Infection Screening and Treatment

Medtronic is a world’s largest medical devices company dedicated to  contributing to human welfare through the application of biomedical engineering.

Deafness and hearing loss are two of the most commonly diagnosed health issues faced by patients […]

CNN Reporter Interview: Entrepreneur wants to bring “one-click health care” to the world

April 23, 2015 | Lincoln Center, New York, NY

Toyota’s Mother of Invention, Ting Shih, CEO and founder of ClickMedix, and New York-based dermatologist Dr. Achiamah Osei-Tutu spoke Thursday at the Women in the World Summit […]

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ClickMedix is amongst the 10 Disruptive Women-Led Life Science Startups Selected for Springboard Enterprises’ 2014 Accelerator Class

10 Disruptive Women-Led Life Science Startups Selected for Springboard Enterprises’ 2014 Accelerator Class

Ting founded ClickMedix, an award-winning social enterprise born out of MIT Media Lab to help health providers serve more patients at lower costs. […]


Score Card Tool for Health Metrics Transparency

At the end of the day, the patient, Care Coordinator/Promotora de Salud, and Clinical Pharmacist meet and review at-a-glance the complexity and severity of the patient’s composite health condition that is visualized and communicated through […]

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Co-Authored with Grameen Research, Inc.

To really bend the health cost curve downward, we must engage patients directly and shift from the current model of  late diagnosis and treatment (“sick care”) to a more cost-effective system […]

US Short of 91,500 Doctors by 2020

By 2020 our nation will face a serious shortage of both primary care and specialist physicians to care for an aging and growing population. According to the AAMC’s Center for Workforce Studies, there will be […]

5 Ways to Get Paid for Telemedicine in the US

ATA CEO, Jon Linkous: Paying for Telemedicine in the United States

Of the $2.8 trillion that constitutes healthcare market in the U.S., there are five primary sources that support almost all telemedicine.  All are rapidly expanding.

Hospital […]

US Health Reform Infographic

See full-size and details from Independent Health.

Extending US Healthcare Capacity with Mobile Technologies

As US begins its shift in healthcare payment and delivery models, technology-enabled solutions become ever-more relevant to achieve faster and better outcome-based care, with less resources. This presentation presents a mobile health system in the […]

Calling all healthcare pioneers!

Let’s make healthcare better, faster, and more affordable!

Telemedicine to Reduce US Healthcare Costs

According to a Bob Spoerl’s article, “3 Ways Telemedicine Can Help ACOs Coordinate Care, Cut Costs”, he indicated that telemedicine has the following benefits:

1. Telemedicine provides patients an avenue to receive unlimited access to a […]

Case Study in Telehealth Adoption

Partners HealthCare: Connecting Heart Failure Patients to Providers Through Remote Monitoring
Andrew Broderick

ABSTRACT: Partners HealthCare’s programs in home telehealth have been driven by its Center for Connected Health, which has pilot-tested and implemented telemedicine and remote […]

Can Telemedicine Innovations Used In Developing Countries Help Save US Healthcare?

Four years ago, I began developing and piloting a system based on the simple concept of using mobile smartphones to facilitate telemedicine in developing countries. What started for me as a project at the MIT […]

Marelinc: Initial Designs for a Maternal Health Solution for the Philippines


ClickMedix: Mobile Tele-Maternal Care for the Philippines on Prezi

Hansen’s Disease Study in Trinidad and Tobago

Reposted from Partners Center of Expertise in Global Health and Community Medicine

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

Beyond Biblical Days
Kuda Maloney, M.D/MPhil
Dermatology Resident
Trinidad and Tobago: A feasibility study on the utility of a standard set of Images as […]

The Long Tail Economy in Healthcare: Affordable Care for the Next Billion Through Mobile Technologies

At this TEDx talk in Taipei, I describe first-hand experiences of healthcare around the world  and how we can create mobile health (mhealth) economics, based on the long tail concept, in order to provide affordable […]

Click’s Solution for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH)

Maternal, newborn and child health is an important focus of ClickDiagnostics’ projects. In our partnership with BRAC Manoshi, we designed a mHealth system specifically for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. We worked to reengineer BRAC’s […]

3 simple ways to address maternal and newborn mortality.

To paint the current situation in maternal and child health in the developing world, check out this video from Melinda Gates. Please pay special attention to the comments about maternal and newborn health, which is […]

Offshore or onsite developers?

One of the key decisions in building ClickDiagnostics’ services is whether to use offshore or onsite developers. On the one-hand, offshore developers offer competitive pricing, but on the other hand, you are putting your service in the […]