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Oct 13, 2012 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards: ClickMedix Ting Shih selected as Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Laureate for North America 2012
Aug 2012 Asian Fortune News: Ting Shih, ‘Saving People’ through Innovative ClickMedix
Jul 2, 2012 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards announced ClickMedix as a finalist for North America.
Jun 2012 Maryland Gazette features ClickMedix as one of the county’s innovative businesses, “Montgomery County: Setting the pace in the INNOVATION ECONOMY” (pg 11).
Jun 11, 2012 International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Deliver (IPIHD) selects ClickMedix as a leading healthcare innovator
May 16, 2012 International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Deliver (IPIHD) welcomes ClickMedix to its innovators community
Apr 2012 Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science features ClickMedix CEO Ting Shih in its Spring 2012 issue, Alumni Snapshots, pg 30
Jan 2012 TBI holds Maternal and Child Telehealth Innovation Forum in Cebu: ClickMedix showcases mobile health technologies
June 21, 2011 ClickMedix Announcement: ClickMedix, the Next Step in Healthcare
June 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) Highlights ClickMedix as “Mobile technology to connect patients to remote doctors” in World Health Organization (WHO) 2011 Compendium of New and Emerging Health Technologies, see ClickMedix under Commercialized Technologies. see Compendium (pdf)
May 13, 2011 Click’s AAD Backed Telemedicine Project Helps More Patients Access Care (Skin & Allergy News Digital Network)
Apr 2011 Mobinil tests remote teledermatology in Egypt with Click Diagnostics
Apr 2011 Click launched teledermatology pilot in Egypt with Qualcomm, Mobinil, along with the Egyptian Ministry of Health (MOH), supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).
Apr 2011 Mobinil and Qualcomm Plan To Launch ‘Click Diagnostics’
Jan 2011 OpenIDEO- ClickDiagnostics: affordable mHealth platform
Nov 2010 Click partners with world’s largest NGO, BRAC, to build scalable mHealth solution for maternal, newborn, and child health services.
Sep 2010 Click partners with American Academy of Dermatology to provide tele-dermatology service to free clinics in US and Canada.
Sep 2010 Click partners with Amader Gram to launch mobile-phone enabled breast cancer screening program.
Jul 2010 ClickDiagnostics’ tripartite partnership with Orange Botswana and Botswanna-Upenn in pioneering mobile-phone telemedicine highlighted on Botswana Gazette
Dec 2009 Exploring eHealth innovation in Asia
Dec 2009 mPulse, Volume 1 Issue 7 – mHealth Spotlight: ClickDiagnostics
Nov 2009 ClickDiagnostics’ presentation at the NetImpact conference at Cornell featured on
Sep 2009 Global Pulse Journal: Botswana Telemedicine
Jul 2009 Click Bangladesh formally launched its operations by signing an agreement for a pilot venture with BRAC, the largest NGO in the world.
Jul 2008 ClickDiagnostics’ revolutionary approach to wide-reaching remote diagnosis using mobile phones mentioned by renowned author of “You Can Hear Me Now”
May 2008 ClickDiagnostics co-founder and CEO, Mridul Chowdhury, is interviewed by Mass High Tech
Oct 2008 ClickDiagnostics in Government Health IT, “Lives of a cell”. Yuri Ostrovsky, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, said that particular application helps developing nations give poor people access to specialists.”
Oct 2008 ClickDiagnostics on Computerworld!
Oct 2008 ClickDiagnostics on Fox Business “Dial a Diagnosis” with Tania Aidrus and Ken Morse from MIT Entrepreneurship Center.