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Mobile Telemedicine Solution: Extend your reach, anywhere! How

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Engage Patients

Chronic Health Index (CHI) score card puts patients and their care teams on the same page towards getting healthier.

Case Study

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Integrates with Diagnostics Devices

Digital Fundus Scope for diabetes screening and retina telemedicine, and more to be added to ClickMedix suite.

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Introducing Telecardiology

Reducing Hospitalization due to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Reduce 50% of currently unnecessary hospital admissions due to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) using ClickMedix. Contact us to learn more.

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ClickMedix’s patent pending mobile telehealth platform enables secure, HIPAA-compliant and reliable transmission of patient information necessary for a remote medical specialists/experts to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Authorized user can request for a tele-consultation using ClickMedix Mobile application on Android phones and iPhones or ClickMedix Web application. See an example for how it works for skin diseases via ClickDerm Mobile-Web Teledermatology service.

Tele-Consultation example: ClickDerm Mobile-Web Teledermatology

ClickDerm Mobile-Web Teledermatology allows health providers and patients to request for a remote dermatologist advice via either a mobile phone or a web browser.

Notes: Patient privacy is our highest priority. Cartoons are used for illustration purposes.

The benefits of the service include:

  • Reliable transmissions: The transmission technology is engineered to withstand intermittent and/or weak data connectivity even for large patient case uploads with up to 20 images.
  • Secure data processing: The ClickMedix teledermatology service is HIPAA compliant ensuring all data are kept and processed securely. All patient data are encrypted right on the phone, provided a second layer of encryption for transmission and remain encrypted post-transmission in both processing via the web server and in storage.
  • Easy-to-Use: The user-interface minimizes the time needed to learn to submit a consultation request either on the mobile application or through the web.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to teledermatology service with a single set of access credentials: Authentication credentials are the same whether using the mobile application or the web. PCPs can submit and review consultations whenever and wherever desired using the mobile application, a mobile web-browser or a computer web browser. Similarly, consulting dermatologists can review a consultation request and provide a recommended treatment plan whenever and wherever desired using a mobile phone web-browser or a computer web browser.
  • Fast set-up time: Users only need to download the mobile application once and enter authentication credentials when beginning to send and view consultation requests.
  • Real-time updates to applications: Updates to applications are pushed out to users who only need to authenticate and confirm in order to receive the update.
  • Customizable workflow: The architecture and design enable the application workflow to be tailored to fit particular workflows of health facilities and user groups.
  • Customizable reports: Data analysis draws on up to the minute data and can be tailored into generate needed reports.
  • Integratable into other health IT systems, including EMR systems: The system is designed so its processes and data can be integrated into existing IT health systems.
  • User controlled: Administrative users can set up user accounts, monitor usage, and generate reports.
  • Comprehensive and continually improving: ClickMedix provides a comprehensive set of functions and will continue to add new features for PCP users, consulting dermatologists and administrators to improve healthcare to end patients.
Benefits for patients
  • <72 hr versus months for specialist consultation
  • Early detection and treatment planning of serious ailments with expert consultation, e.g. skin cancer
  • Consolidates specialist and GP visit into one initial GP visit
  • Facilitates referral appointment scheduling with specialists
Benefits for clinics and hospitals
  • Eliminates clinic referral backlog
  • Facilitates referral appointment scheduling with specialists
  • Extends generalist clinic to offer specialist consultation
  • Improved patient quality of care and experience (less wait time, better diagnosis, convenience)
  • Increased operations margin using nurse staff for information gathering
  • Lowers total cost of care provision through early detection
  • Increases overall number of patients served and revenue/patient due to patient’s preference to visit client facility
  • Facilitates clinic staff recognition of common specialty area ailments
How It Works

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