Out of MIT, we created a business that will impact 1B+ people.

Our Vision: a world where everyone has easy, one-Click access to effective healthcare.

ClickMedix worldwide deployment 2017

We Deployed ClickMedix Worldwide.

In 18 countries, health organizations can serve 10X more patients

ClickMedix works anywhere - from villages in Africa to New York City.

Delivering better healthcare, regardless of gender, literacy, and income-level.

The ONE mobile technology you need

to deliver integrated, patient-centered care.




much more!

Tele-Consultation / Telemedicine

One-Click Referrals

Patient App

Care Coordination Dashboard

Medication Management

Connected mHealth Platform for

Chronic Disease Management and Care Coordination

Insurance / Payers

Manage more patients at lower costs

Health Corporations (med tech, pharma)

Develop new patient-centered services

Hospital Systems / Specialists

Better follow-up and continual patient care

Health Businesses (pharmacies, clinics)

Digitize and scale your innovative health services

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Discover how you can impact more lives.

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We first used mobile phones for remote diagnosis in Africa – to see if we’d just flat out fail… instead, we were able to save many lives. – Ting Shih, CEO & Founder

The Beginning: improving lives of 1B+ people

CCTV America: Life-Saving Technology


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Scaling Healthcare Innovations – Together

We work with world’s most innovative health organizations to defy status quo of healthcare so that more patients can easily access high-quality, expert healthcare that truly improves their health outcomes. We are proud of our partners / customers, who use ClickMedix to power their innovative healthcare services.

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