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Exciting Developments in Click Bangladesh

This is to update you on the exciting developments in Click Bangladesh. As you probably know, we started our first official venture with BRAC (the largest NGO in the world) last July. Under this pilot venture, we are enabling Brac’s community health workers in one of their projects called Manoshi, with mobile phones complete with maternal, neonatal & child health algorithms. Recently we are in the process of sealing two other ventures:

a) A comprehensive primary health module with integrated multi-stage referral management: With an international NGO called Friendship which works in the riverine islands of North Bangladesh, places that are so remote that the millions of people living there are not covered by any other NGO or government institution.

b) A breast cancer screening module, with an NGO called Amader Gram which works in south-west Bangladesh. Other partners for this venture will be the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation (IBCRF) and Ohio State University.

BRAC Project Updates:

The pilot is divided into six distinct phases with unique deliverables, which has so far served us well. On one hand, the step-by-step approach helped us distribute the workload throughout the duration of the pilot, and also helped us keep the client happy by constantly showing them achievement of some milestone of success.

In the last phase which was recently completed, we gave the 9 CHWs a basic module consisting of 5 questions (including picture and voice record), which they were supposed to fill up and send over 2 weeks. Here is a CHW interviewing a mother in an urban slum:

BRAC Health worker taking picture of patient during household visit copy

You can see the data that came in at this address:
(In case the screen doesn’t list any data, please click the small search button on the top right and put in the start and end dates – 2009-08-28 and 2009-09-14 respectively. Clicking “Search” should show all the data sent in phase 2)

After they successfully collected this data, we brought them in for the next round of training on last 15 September, to train them in filling up the maternal module. They were already familiar with the questions because we followed the structure and content of BRAC’s existing questionnaires in our algorithm, and the CHWs were often ahead of us while we were explaining the module. After the initial round of training, the CHWs had 2 hours to practice using the software and report any problems/confusions. We also showed them how the data they transmit is shown in real-time on a laptop, and they were fascinated to see the pictures they had taken from the community earlier in Phase 2.

Some pictures from the training day:

ClickDoc Training

A CHW and her supervisor practicing using the module


Click Bangladesh team training the CHWs (From the left: Tahmina Khanam (Program manager),
Rubayat Khan (Chief of Operations), Mridul Chowdhury (CEO), and Atiqur Rahman (Research Coordinator)

Currently we will go into Eid vacations (about 10 days of holidays this year), but after we return the CHWs will start collecting maternal data every day. We will eventually be adding the child module, along with Automatic Risk Assessment and alerting system for risky mothers. We will also try to develop automatic work scheduling for the CHWs in the next phase.

We will keep you posted on further updates as they happen. Till then…Cheers from Dhaka!