December 2009 – It’s almost time!!!

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December 2009 – It’s almost time!!!

Though the team is scattered all over right now (Florida, California, and Massachusetts) we are getting really close to our trip to South Africa! Wahooo! All that harf work in the classroom and those long nights spent researching mobile health and the health industry in general will now be paying off. My team is really excited because it is only 9 days until we leave for South Africa. We have been told how beautiful the country is and how many things there are to see so I think at this point we just want to get there and get started. We will be staying mainly in Midrand a city halfway between Rand and Pretoria in Johannesburg. The name, Midrand, literally means Halfway House, but not the kind we are thinking of. In South Africa, Halfway House does not have the same connotations!

Right now, we are just taking care of all the little last-minute details that every traveler must take care of. Things like: how much money do we take with? will our cards work there? what kind of medicines or remedies might we need? what kind of travel adapters do we need? how will my cell phone work? things of that nature. Then of course, there comes the question of what to pack… I mean, for a week in Florida I felt like I packed half of my closet… what’s going to happen to me when I am gone for almost a month??? (note to self: check airline baggage fees)

The class that has brought us to this point, G-Lab is now officially over but the work has just begun. We will be working very closely with important South African parties in order to roll out ClickDiagnostic’s mobile health technology and implementing their primary care services in the country. We really want ClickDiagnostics to walk away with a great experience, a lifelong relationship, and a successful outcome. To that end, I know I can count on my team to pull whatever all-nighters are necessary to get the job done… just supply us with lots of coffee! Hmm, I wonder what kind of coffee they have in South Africa?

Once on the ground in Johannesburg, I am going to be blogging frequently… I will also begin to add pictures. One thing that anyone who is around me for more than 5 minutes knows, is that I take a lot of pictures. At the time, I’m sure I am more than slightly annoying, but later on I have a lot of happy people who are glad I captured the memories… the good news is that we will also be traveling with several ClickDiagnostic’s team members including Ryan (see his blog too) who is talented in the photography and graphic arts fields. I think this trip will be a tremendous cultural education for us and cannot wait to get it started! January 1, 2010 hurry up please!