Offshore or onsite developers?

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Offshore or onsite developers?

One of the key decisions in building ClickDiagnostics’ services is whether to use offshore or onsite developers. On the one-hand, offshore developers offer competitive pricing, but on the other hand, you are putting your service in the hands of “strangers” and only evaluating their capability, work ethics, trust-worthiness, and efficiency through their website, their online portfolios, and select client testimonials. In comparison, onsite developers sound more appealing as you can obtain primary person-to-person assessment of the above-mentioned qualities. However, this usually comes at a higher cost, and even more challenging, is recruiting for the right talents and keeping them.

At ClickDiagnostics, we use a hybrid approach and carefully select technology partners that meet all of the above criteria and are co-located with our main deployment sites for maximized service support and collaboration.

In our Bangladesh office, we have the pleasure of working with Mitul (CEO of our technology partner) and his team. Because of the partnership nature of our working structure, we can directly work with Mitul to ensure our priorities are met.

From left to right: Dr. Sami, Awlad, Habiba, Ting, Mridul, Mostafizur, Mitul