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Rock Health’s Rocking Startups!

By Ting Shih

Rock Health is the world’s premier mobile healthcare (mHealth) incubator. Each team selected, out of hundreds of applicants, receive a 20K USD start-up grant, with NO equity stake taken away from the startup! Participants of Rock Health are introduced to mobile/tech/healthcare VCs, hospital partners, as well as potential customers.

For a mobile healthcare platform company like ClickMedix focused on providing telehealth services to connect networks of medical experts and patient groups, visiting Rock Health made me feel like a kid in the candy store!

I led a roundtable discussion with about 5 different Rock Health teams. Each team provided a brief description about their business/technology and we discussed potential revenues models and how they can navigate the healthcare eco-system, as well as opportunities to get a head start on deploying their services internationally, where there are less regulation constraints on pilots and external funding.

Here’s a short summary of the innovations I witnessed and potential opportunities.

    • MobileCT ( tele-radiology image review and multiple specialist collaboration on iPad. This tool can work nicely with existing tele-consultation services.

Founder Mike Pan explains how his innovation works.

Rock Health teams, cheers to your relentless efforts to revolutionizing healthcare!!