The LC3 Concept

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The LC3 Concept

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The Longitudinal Chronic Care Course

What is it?

A Humanities course and a disruptive innovation in health profession education.

The LC3 Concept, or Longitudinal Chronic Care Concept

LC3 works to integrate a real patient with a health care professions student to help develop the student’s social skills relating to the patient without a plethora of medical knowledge. Students function as an essential part of the patient’s core collaborative therapeutic alliance, or CoreCTA, to help serve as health coaches and to more deeply understand the myriad challenges posed by diabetes and multimorbidity. Each student is paired with a patient being evaluated in the Western Diabetes Institute Integrated Practice Unit’s (WDI IPU) one-stop shop and works closely with the care coordinators/promotores de salud. This student-patient-coordinator pairing is designed to promote a multi-year partnership with the patient in every aspect of their lives to help serve as health coaches and to gain and share a deeper understanding of the myriad challenges and complexities posed by diabetes and multimorbidity. As an integral component of their education in the science of care delivery, each student uses the ClickMedix mHealth platform to stay connected to the patient, the care coordinator/promotor, and the rest of the patient’s healthcare ecosystem.

Focus: Task shifting

Traditionally, medical education has overwhelmingly focused on the preparation of clinicians for the diagnosis and management of acute disease, with LC3 the shift in medical education occurs with the patient and directing their long-term care.

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