Consumerizing Healthcare Delivery via Techshop

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Consumerizing Healthcare Delivery via Techshop

Consumerizing Healthcare Delivery via Techshop
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By Ryan Carag

The time I’ve spent over the last year at the TechShop DC-Arlington has been transformative for me.

I am the Chief Product Officer for a mobile healthcare technology startup, ClickMedix LLC, and the TechShop has enabled us to create highly customized tablet stands for our customers, which in turn enable them to showcase their services, built on our platform, in a more integrated and professional manner. ClickMedix is now deployed in over 15 countries to help deliver healthcare to people who would not otherwise have access and to improve the quality of healthcare everywhere. These TechShop-built customized tablet stands have been a hit with our clients and their patients.

The various tablet mounts appear several times in this New York Times video made for the Toyota Mothers of Invention Prize by Women in the World.

ClickMedix Kiosk

ClickMedix Kiosk magnets


We will be placing these kiosks in pharmacies to help pharmacists with providing medication advisory to patients, as well as enhance pharmacists’ toolset to manage patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

ClickMedix Consultation Kiosk in Pharmacies


techshopOn a personal level, TechShop has been an amazing place to soak in ideas, meet like-minded people and make new friends. The culture is collaborative; members are willing to share their hard-earned tips and techniques to elevate the community as a whole. Every time I’ve gone to the TechShop in the last year, I have been educated, inspired or entertained in some way. I would not have been able to fully realize the things I am working on without the endless support of the member community, the TechShop Dream Consultants, Instructors and Front Desk, and all of the people behind the scenes who are part of keeping the TechShop humming along.