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These 5 Women Are Saving the World

Original Article by Molly Triffin, Daily Worth

These 5 Women Are Saving the World

Transforming Healthcare: Ting Shih, CEO of ClickMedix

You probably use your iPhone for things like answering emails, catching up on the news, or, let’s be honest, stalking casually checking up on your ex on Facebook. But Washington, D.C.-based Ting Shih has been exploring the use of mobile technology for loftier purposes — and she found a way to potentially save untold lives across the globe.

When Shih was an MBA student at the MIT Media Lab, she was faced with a daunting class project in which students had to conceive a business that would affect more than a billion people in developing countries. Out of that assignment came the idea for what would eventually become ClickMedix: to bring affordable medical services to underserved patients using mobile phone and tablet technology.

“Everyone needs healthcare,” Shia told the New York Times in April. “And all around the world, most people have a phone before they even have electricity. So why not use mobile phones to deliver healthcare?”

ClickMedix is a software technology that allows local healthcare workers access to advice from top specialists around the world via videos, photos, and texts from a smartphone or tablet. The specialists receive a multimedia medical report that they can screen to make a diagnosis or give patients a remote consultation.

“The ultimate goal is to have one-click healthcare,” Shih told the Times. “Whether you have cancer or heart failure, you should have one portal to get you to the doctors you need.”

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