Delivering workplace wellness via mobile tools


Work place health

Consumers increasingly link to their social networks, watch sports events, and get news updates via smart mobile devices. So it should not be surprising that mobile tools are likely to play a major role in the future of health – both in illness care and especially in wellness services. This trend will only accelerate as smart mobile devices and the cloud-based digital platforms to which they connect become more powerful and pervasive. ClickMedix is a healthcare technology company born out of MIT. Since 2007, founder of ClickMedix has set out to create a healthcare delivery platform powered by mobile phones and web that can improve the health outcomes of over a billion people. It has implemented mobile health programmes in 16 countries with governments, hospitals, medical institutions, community health organisations, home care agencies, and employers – even in rural environments with limited communications infrastructure and connectivity. The ClickMedix platform utilises the screen-diagnose-treat-follow up sequence in a workflow protocol – readily customised for any disease and designed to guide a front-line care giver in a hospital or clinic, in a workplace or community, or other field environment. The platform is designed to integrate mobile diagnostics devices and to interact easily with medical records systems, payment systems, and follow up programmes. These characteristics enable the ClickMedix mobile platform to screen large populations quickly, in the workplace, and to identify individuals at risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, enabling early intervention. The screening process can include collecting medical history as well as measuring blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight, while referring patient at risk for further assessment and treatment. The ClickMedix platform also provides patient education/advice information, tracks diagnosis and treatment plan, and monitors follow-up and patient compliance with the treatment plan – all at the workplace

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