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ClickMedix is a global mobile health (mHealth) social enterprise founded by faculty and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Carnegie Mellon University to increase capacity of physicians and health organizations to serve more patients. By enabling existing medical experts to serve more patients, we can address the following global healthcare challenges:

  • Lack of access: Patients cannot easily reach doctors.
  • Lack of funds: Patients cannot afford the high cost of healthcare, and governments/NGOs are unable to subsidize under-served populations entirely
  • Lack of medical resources: Most countries face severe shortages of trained healthcare professionals, especially medical specialists

Our Mission is to bring affordable and quality health services to under-served patients, by enabling health organizations to reach more patients through mobile phone/tablet facilitated remote diagnosis, as well as remote training and supervision of their staff assistants, nurses, and health workers.

ClickMedix has been used worldwide to reduce wait time for patients from months to less than 72 hours, allow physicians to serve 4-15 times more patients, as well as create more skilled work force and new jobs for community-based and home-based healthcare services. We are world-class medical professionals, public health practitioners, technologists, development activists, entrepreneurs, and business strategists to bring new dimensions to addressing these challenges using mobile phones.

As mobile phone coverage extends to all corners of the world, mobile-phone based health services are becoming increasingly ubiquitous for connecting different layers of the health infrastructure, enabling real-time collection of health data and remote diagnosis of patients by medical experts. Our innovative mobile health (mHealth) platform connects health service providers, reduces cost of service delivery, and optimally utilizes tiers of existing health system for patient care. A community health-worker or a clinic nurse with a Click-enabled mobile phone is able to act as the primary agent for service delivery, as she is connected to the mHealth platform and the entire health system.

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Ting Shih, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of ClickMedix, Ting uses her decade of experience in designing and launching technology services, along with associated business strategies for US government, pharmaceutical and global education organizations, to build ClickMedix from an idea in an MIT classroom to a global enterprise. Her areas of expertise include innovation strategy, product development, lean/Six Sigma process improvement, operations management, organization change management, and business development.

She spent three years as a founder of Click Diagnostics, a social enterprise born out of the MIT Media Lab, conducting mobile health projects and pilots in over ten countries in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and North America. She was integral to designing mobile health systems that can withstand unreliable or intermittent mobile network, while satisfying the varied needs of healthcare in underserved communities. She founded ClickMedix to build upon the success and learning from the three-year pilot of creating a highly reliable, secure, and user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant telehealth, disease management, and care coordination system that can be deployed quickly to health practitioners and connect patients with medical experts worldwide. Ting leads the design, development, and deployment efforts for ClickMedix’s affordable mobile health and education system.

Ting is named Toyota Mothers of Invention in 2015 and Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Laureate in 2012 for North America. She is also an industry advisor/contributing writer for Telemedicine Magazine. She holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MS in Systems Engineering from MIT, as an MIT Leaders for Global Operations Fellow and Public Service Fellow.  In addition, she holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Software Design and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jake Morrison, Chief Technology Officer

Jake MorrisonJake has more than twenty years of experience in architecting, implementing and deploying large-scale e-commerce, supply chain, and telecommunications systems worldwide. He is at the forefront of mobile application development, with strong emphasize on secure and reliable architecture for mobile-web network service application systems. Prior to joining ClickMedix, Jake spearheaded a number of technology and telecommunication ventures delivering IP telephony and video conferencing solutions, as well as large system integration efforts in supply-chain systems. His areas of expertise include networking and telecommunication, embedded systems, enterprise application integration and management of international and dispersed project teams. Jake provides overall technical leadership and is specifically responsible for architecture and implementation of the ClickMedix next-generation mobile-web telehealth and education system. Jake holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Southern California.

Ryan Carag, Chief Product Officer

Ryan brings extensive experience in the mobile devices and mobile apps space. Prior to ClickMedix, Ryan co-founded and served as COO of Genie Group, a sixteen-employee internet startup based in Taipei, Taiwan which released several notable mobile applications, including Gulu, a TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist, enhancing live, real-time group interactions through mobile apps. He also served as a software program manager at Microsoft’s Mobile Products Division in its Automotive Business Unit, helping to define and build the Microsoft Automotive platform from concept to the core technology found in over 15 million cars in groundbreaking products as FIAT Blue&Me and Ford Sync.

Ryan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he served as Lead of Marketing & Events for the prestigious MIT100K Entrepreneurship Competition.

Bobby Jefferson, Board Member

Bobby Jefferson currently serves as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for DAI Global Health. Bobby is a leader in the field of information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) and is working to expand DAI’s range of digital health services.  He has a relentless entrepreneurial passion for combing social entrepreneurship and digital health solutions to address the health needs of the poor and most vulnerable.

Bobby serves as Board advisor for health technology startups THINKMD, ClickMedix, CodePartners, DataElevates, Covelocity.Health and MobileODT. He is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and implementing technology startups investment opportunities. He performs technology reviews of early-stage companies, start-up innovations, and early-stage social venture to apply Digital Health and Cybersecurity to address key issues in international development and LMIC. He has performed technology due diligence of pre-revenue startups, early-round innovators, niche health solutions in collaboration with incubators in Maryland, Boston, North Carolina networks. He uses private-sector digital health, Interoperability, Cybersecurity solutions to support international development projects for USAID and CDC.

He has enjoyed his role as a competition judge, technology reviewer and judge on early-stage funding,  including the Innovation to Action Challenge, Global Health Innovation Prize, and InnovateHealth@Yale Prize. He is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and implementing innovative health technology while performing due diligence on early-stage social venture health startups to support LMIC.  He leads cybersecurity projects in Ukraine and emerging market countries to address important pandemic (including COVID-19) Cybersecurity and Health projects.

Jodi Lyons, Advisor – Healthcare Expert

Jodi is an eldercare expert who helps older adults and those with special needs find the care they need throughout the country. An ardent patient advocate, Jodi helps people navigate the complicated, often convoluted system, identify what they need, and learn how to create an action plan.Most recently, Jodi published an award-winning book, The Smart Person’s Guide on Eldercare, to empower and educate consumers, to make sense of a complex system.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit healthcare arena, Jodi has been a leader in national organizations representing healthcare and long-term care service providers. In this capacity, she has worked with the NIH, CDC, Health and Human Services, 2005 White House Conference on Aging, and Congress to develop policy on health care issues and public health education programs. She is also on the Executive Committee of the Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area. She is an Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador to Capitol Hill,  a founding member of the Patient Experience Council of the Sullivan Institute/WEDI, and an industry advisor/contributing writer for Telemedicine Magazine.

Jodi graduated from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and is a former President of the Washington DC area alumni association.




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