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ClickMedix is a global mobile connected health (mHealth) social enterprise founded by faculty and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University to address the following global healthcare challenges:

  1. Lack of access: Patients cannot easily reach doctors.
  2. Lack of funds: Patients cannot afford the high cost of healthcare, and governments/NGOs are unable to subsidize under-served populations entirely
  3. Lack of medical resources: Most countries face severe shortages of trained healthcare professionals, especially medical specialists, to perform adequate diagnosis and quality treatment in rural areas.

Our Mission is to bring affordable and quality health services to under-served populations by connecting patients to doctors through mobile technologies and community-based health providers to achieve continuous heathcare delivery to patients.

We are world-class medical professionals, public health practitioners, technologists, development activists, entrepreneurs, and business strategists  to bring new dimensions to addressing these challenges using mobile phones. As mobile phone coverage extends to all corners of the world, mobile-phone based health services are becoming increasingly ubiquitous for connecting different layers of the public health infrastructure, enabling real-time collection of health data and remote diagnosis of patients by medical experts.

Our innovative mobile health (mHealth) platform connects health service providers, reduces cost of service delivery, and optimally utilizes tiers of existing health system for patient care. A community health-worker or a clinic nurse with a Click-enabled mobile phone is able to act as the primary agent for service delivery, as she is connected to the mHealth platform and the entire health system.

Our mHealth platform is comprised of modules for

  • Medical services (primary care triage, risk-screening and tele-consultation),
  • Patient management (electronic medical record, referral service and emergency response),
  • Administrations and planning (mobile accounting, remote monitoring, real-time data collection), and
  • Purchasing (mPayment) and financing (micro-insurance) of healthcare services

Prior to incorporation of ClickMedix, LLC., we have been operating as Click Diagnostics since May 2008, and have been implementing mobile-phone based tele-consultation services in more than ten countries in Africa, South Asia, and North America, enabling patients to access quality medical treatment in areas where there is little or no access to doctors. At the same time, we have been working with health organizations, governments, NGOs, research institutions, mobile operators, medical associations, and health products companies to build a self-sustaining health infrastructure powered by mobile technologies. ClickMedix as a new corporate entity will focus on commercial and scalable offering of successfully piloted mobile health services.