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Women and children at a weekly awareness session under Friendship (an NGO) in remote riverine islands in Gaibandha, North BangladeshNokia 3110c ClickPhone used for BRAC ProjectWomen and children at a Friendship satellite clinic in Gaibandha where Click is designing an interventionHealth personnel delivering care at Friendship Satellite ClinicFGD with health workers for evaluation of BRAC ProjectClickDoc TrainingClick Team conducting a field visit to a rural BRAC Health outpost as part of the system studyBRAC Program Officer and Health worker practicing using the ClickDocBRAC Health worker taking picture of patient during household visitBRAC Community Health Workers in ClickDoc trainingShastho Kormi (Health Worker) goes door to door with the mobile set containing ClickDoc software and sends real time information to the BRAC health centerA BRAC Shastho Kormi (Health Worker) is interviewing and recording patient information by using ClickDocA Shastho Kormi (Health Worker) is taking picture of a child as part of the patient information