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Project Summary



To strengthen the maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH) programme in 64
branches in 6 city corporations (about 300,000 people), BRAC (the largest
development NGO of the world) has partnered with Click and incorporated the
mHealth system with their existing patient management system. In this
project, community-based health workers collect and store patient data, which
helps to assess the risk level of the patients and to provide automatic
medical advice. The health worker can then convey this medical advice. The
health workers get automated work scheduling for prioritized patients’ care,
which help to monitor and evaluate their works electronically.

SAJIDA Foundation

Click is piloting project with SAJIDA Foundation who has the largest micro health insurance program in Bangladesh. In this pilot, CHWs go to the doorsteps of SAJIDA micro health insurance
borrowers (about 3,100 households or 15,500 beneficiaries who live in the
peri-urban areas) to collect primary-level health information using mobile
phone software. A doctor, stationed at SAJIDA hospital and equipped with an
internet enabled laptop, can monitor incoming patient data and provide necessary
medical advice in real-time. After completing the pilot, this project will
expand the scope of services and coverage to a greater population which about
100,000 households or 500,000 beneficiaries.

Amader Gram (an
ICT4D initiative of Bangladesh Friendship Education Society) and
Ohio State University

The health workers of Amader Gram’s Breast Cancer Screening program will use
Click Diagnostics’ mobile phone-based software to collect health data from
45,000 households to screen out breast cancer patients and to monitor the
patient management and information analysis system electronically. The
service has tremendous potential to become a model for screening of a
culturally sensitive and tabooed condition such as breast cancer for
conservative societies like Bangladesh.


Using Click’s mobile platform, Friendship’s CHWs will provide primary and MNCH care
services on the remote riverine islands and riverbank areas of northern
Bangladesh where people do not have any access to health care infrastructure.


Botswana Ministry of Health, Botswana UPenn Partnership, Orange (Botswana) telecommunications

Click is working on Cervical Cancer Screening, HIV Clinical Staging, mobile
Tele-pre/post oral surgery, Tuberculosis Screening, Mobile Tele-Dermatology
and Mobile Tele-Radiology.


Ministry of Health
(Egypt), GSMA, Mobinil,
University of Pennsylvania, Qualcom,
Orange Health

Click is working with government ministries and telecom companies to provide mobile tele-dermatology
specialist consultations to remote clinics where doctors are non-existent or
very rare.


Guatemala District

Click is providing mobile tele-dermatology with the District Hospital in
Guatemala to create a more reactive system for better service delivery.


MTI Next Billion

Click is working with the village health center of Metro Manila in enhancing their maternal health programs. Pregnant mothers are enrolled in a Pregnant Mother’s Club and receive SMS updates and
tips on safe pregnancy and use of the state insurance coverage. Click will gradually
deploy the maternal risk identification module. Click is linking up with the
University of San Jose-Recoletos College of Nursing
to pilot the maternal Tele-Health system in the as part of the Community
Nursing curriculum in Cebu City. Click is also testing the Tele-Dermatology
module with St. Luke’s Hospital Dermatology Center for deployment in their
extension program in Quezon City.


American Academy of
Dermatology (AAD)

Click is working with AAD to provide mobile teledermatology service in 27 clinics / hospitals over 10 US cities

San Mateo Medical

Click is providing mobile teledermatology service for 8 clinics and 1 hospital in San Mateo county, CA.