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ClickMedix, the Next Step in Healthcare
June 21, 2011

The quest to provide affordable health care to billions using mobile health (mHealth) technologies takes an evolutionary step forward under a new corporate entity, ClickMedix. Ting Shih was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Click Diagnostics, a now dissolved start-up born out of the MIT. Drawing upon lessons learned from the entire field as well as her own years of offering mobile-phone based telehealth services, Ms. Shih is guiding ClickMedix in the creation of a suite of mobile telemedicine products that embody medical expertise and project that expertise worldwide.

A formal launch of ClickMedix’s product lines is forthcoming, which will make health services more available, affordable and reliable through the use of mobile platforms.

“In collaboration with local health care providers,” says Board Member Philip Miller, “we forge partnerships that enable greater access to health services at an affordable price, while creating a new revenue stream for–and increasing the reach of–hospitals, clinic networks, and even international health initiatives.” Miller has extensive experience in quality software development, training assessments, and formulating novel business services. He is leading the charge in this exciting sector of health technology. ClickMedix currently has operations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Asia. It is actively pursuing partners around the world.