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Our proven process enables you to scale your innovative healthcare services quickly and successfully.

1. Innovate and Set Goals

e.g. Provide home-based diabetes and heart disease care post-hospital discharge.

2. Prototype Rapidly (<5 days)

Configure diabetes and heart disease home-care modules to enable patients or their care givers to assess patient risks and intervene timely.

3. Pilot and Improve (weekly iterations)

Deploy to 100 or 1,000 patients and track improvements in health outcomes, patient engagement, and costs.

4. Scale Service to 10X More Patients

Identify new markets and attract new patients to benefit from your solution.

5. Increase Revenues and Savings

Increase revenues by serving more patients while lowering operational costs.

Ready-to-Use / Turn-Key Products

Customizable Features

ClickMedix Mobile Connected Health and Education Platform provides a suite of telemedicine and education tools for clinics, hospitals, health programs, education programs, and research groups looking for a ready-to-use and easily customizable mobile-phone and web-based service to connect patients to doctors. Information is collected by health workers, nurses, primary physicians, or patient’s care givers using our mobile phone application with a customizable medical protocol and questionnaire targeting specific health conditions.

Mobile connected health and education platform

ClickMedix mHealth platform links the right data to the right health providers at the right time.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Since pioneering mobile health in 2007, we have numerous experience in developing innovative healthcare services to help you plan strategically.

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Worldwide Workforce

Worldwide Workforce

Our global footprint and network of physicians, health workers, and partners allows you to scale virtually beyond geographic boundaries.

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Marketing / Promotion

Marketing / Promotion

With our global reach and existing network, we will help you reach more customers.

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  • Reliable transmissions: The transmission technology is engineered to withstand intermittent and/or weak data connectivity even for large patient case uploads with up to 20 images.
  • Secure data processing: The ClickMedix teledermatology service is HIPAA compliant ensuring all data are kept and processed securely. All patient data are encrypted right on the phone, provided a second layer of encryption for transmission and remain encrypted post-transmission in both processing via the web server and in storage.
  • Easy-to-Use: The user-interface minimizes the time needed to learn to submit a consultation request either on the mobile application or through the web.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to telemedicine service with a single set of access credentials: Authentication credentials are the same whether using the mobile application or the web. PCPs can submit and review consultations whenever and wherever desired using the mobile application, a mobile web-browser or a computer web browser. Similarly, consulting dermatologists can review a consultation request and provide a recommended treatment plan whenever and wherever desired using a mobile phone web-browser or a computer web browser.
  • Fast set-up time: Users only need to download the mobile application once and enter authentication credentials when beginning to send and view consultation requests.
  • Real-time updates to applications: Updates to applications are pushed out to users who only need to authenticate and confirm in order to receive the update.
  • Customizable workflow: The architecture and design enable the application workflow to be tailored to fit particular workflows of health facilities and user groups.
  • Customizable reports: Data analysis draws on up to the minute data and can be tailored into generate needed reports.
  • Integratable into other health IT systems, including EMR systems: The system is designed so its processes and data can be integrated into existing IT health systems.
  • User controlled: Administrative users can set up user accounts, monitor usage, and generate reports.
  • Comprehensive and continually improving: ClickMedix provides a comprehensive set of functions and will continue to add new features for PCP users, consulting dermatologists and administrators to improve healthcare to end patients.


We work with world’s most innovative health organizations to defy status quo of healthcare so that more patients can easily access high-quality, expert healthcare that truly improves their health outcomes. We are proud of our partners / customers, who use ClickMedix to power their innovative healthcare services.

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