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ClickMedix makes providing quality healthcare EASY and FAST for doctors and patients.

1. Enter symptoms information to consult with remote doctors

Use a phone* or web browser, and follow on-screen questions mimicking a physician’s interview of the patient to provide symptoms information to a remote doctor.

*Mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets are available for free download. Any other phones can access ClickMedix secure teleconsult web application on phone. For SMS-only phones, email for instructions.

2. Remote consulting doctor reviews symptoms and advises on diagnosis and treatment.

Consulting doctors will be able to:

view information collected via a mobile phone or web browser,

review images over time for disease morphology,

compare images side-by-side, and

Review health metrics overtime.

3. Enter treatment advice and instructions.

* Report and Analyze

See and analyze your data in real-time, by locations, patients, health practitioners, or status. Any data you collect (e.g. weight, glucose level, etc.) can also be used for time series analysis to spot problem areas.