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Project Description

Dr Allen Hammond, Ashoka

Allen Hammond is part of the leadership group at Ashoka, the largest global network of social entrepreneurs, where he heads global health activities and works closely with 600+ health-oriented social entrepreneurs around the world. Inspired by this innovation network, Dr. Hammond has helped to champion the transformation of healthcare systems from an exclusive focus on illness care to enabling wellness and vitality, including identifying emerging disruptive innovations in technology and service delivery models.

Earlier, Dr. Hammond helped to launch the base of the pyramid (BOP) movement that transformed how the international development community and, increasingly, major companies address poverty. Dr. Hammond is himself a serial entrepreneur, a global leader in market-based solutions to poverty, and a widely published author, including 15 books and articles in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and the Harvard Business Review. He is the principal author of The Next 4 Billion, a landmark study of BOP markets.

Dr. Hammond has served as a consultant to the White House science office, to several U.S. federal agencies, to the United Nations, and to a number of major corporations and private foundations. He holds degrees from Stanford and Harvard Universities in engineering and applied mathematics.