Dr. Haywood Hall

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Project Description

Although I was born in Brooklyn New York, I was raised in Mexico as a child until the age of 8. After a “real world education” as a musician / piano tuner, a Con Ed meter reader and a NYC cab driver, I received my GED and I went back to college, dedicating my life to improving emergency care, decreasing pain and suffering, especially among Spanish speaking and other marginalized populations. My parents were civil rights activists and instilled in me a strong sense of social responsibility. My grandparents, incredibly enough, were born slaves in 1860.
Dr. Haywood Hall, Founder, PACEMD

Dr. Haywood Hall, Medical Advisor (Emergency Medicine, Maternal/Obstetric Care Training)

Dr Hall is the founder of PACEMD, a training organization that provides certification education to health workers, emergency department nurses, and obstetric nurses nationwide in Mexico. PACEMD has trained over 30,000 people in emergency obstetrics, community cardiac care, trauma, pediatrics, neonatal as well as disaster medicine. He is also increasingly involved in international palliative care as well as integrating mHealth Solutions into training and preparing providers to provide medical services at the last kilometer with appropriate technology. He has been especially inspired by training of promotoras and parteras (midwives). Through his work at PACEMD, he is uniquely committed and positioned to significantly improve the health care outcomes of Latino populations.  He also founded MedSpanish program, which has trained over 500 students, residents and practicing physicians in medical Spanish, cultural literacy as well as providing significant international medicine experiences.

His focus has been in the International development of emergency care and the specialty of emergency medicine and have lived and worked in Latin America for 20 years. He has also been active in leadership committees in the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, especially the Governance, Specialty Implementation and Continuing Professional Development committees and have been instrumental in bringing m Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba into the IFEM. He has become an Ex-Oficio member of the IFEM and has been an organizer for IFEM and other conferences.

Dr. Hall is residency trained both in internal medicine and emergency medicine. He has seen over 70,000 patients in emergency departments, and worked in various private, public, academic settings in New Mexico and Texas, often commuting from Mexico. He has worked for nearly 25 years as a Board Certified Emergency Physician and has seen humanity at its very best and its very worst. He was a disaster doctor at the WTC 911 Disaster. He has been recognized as an American College of Emergency Medicine “Hero of Emergency Medicine” and won the International Federation of Emergency Medicine International Humanitarian Award. In addition, he has multiple adjunct faculty appointments with The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of New Mexico, and UT Southwestern in Dallas.