Medtronic Shruti Program

Ear Infection Screening and Treatment

Medtronic Shruti: Ear Infection Screening and Treatment (served 100,000+ patients) 2017-06-24T03:48:18+00:00

Project Description

Medtronic and ClickMedix partners to provide ear-infection screening program in India to prevent unnecessary hearing loss.

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Medtronic is a world’s largest medical devices company dedicated to  contributing to human welfare through the application of biomedical engineering.

Health workers
Minutes or less per screening


Deafness and hearing loss are two of the most commonly diagnosed health issues faced by patients in the developing world. While about half of all cases of hearing loss can be avoided with effective diagnosis and treatment[1], delayed diagnosis can lead to life-threatening complications. With today’s knowledge, diagnosing common ear health issues is mostly dependent on access to timely and affordable specialist care.

To combat these issues, Medtronic, Inc., partnered with ClickMedix to create a program in India that provides care through technology that millions of people already have in their pockets: cellphones.


Improve diagnosis and treatment of ear infections and hearing loss in India while enhancing its neurosurgical and ear-nose-throat (ENT) business.

  • Implement a screening process that took no more than 3 minutes.
  • Screen more than 1M patients with in the first 3 years.
  • Reduce preventable hearing loss and unnecessary suffering by increasing timely treatments performed at Medtronic’s partner hospitals
  • Increase patient reach and access through health workers while increasing job opportunities [mostly female health workers]


Shruti”, launched in August 2013, is a groundbreaking screening and diagnosis kit to detect and diagnose ear infections in rural India. Using ClickMedix’s highly customizable, mobile based platform, healthcare workers are able to record basic patient data, conduct an initial physical ear screening with an otoscope (the medical device used to look in patients’ ears) encased in an Android phone, and refer patients with hearing needs efficiently to ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialists.


By utilizing ClickMedix’s platform, community health workers in New Delhi and Hyderabad were able to record basic patient data, conduct a physical ear screening with an otoscope, and refer patients to ENT specialists at the hospitals. Then, those specialists confirmed diagnosis and issued treatment plans remotely. At the camps, small infections were treated, but complex cases were recommended to a hospital for further treatment. Together, Medtronic and ClickMedix were able to:

  • Implemented a screening process that took on average 3 minutes.
  • Screened more than 150,000+ patients with just 9 health workers in the first 2 years, and growing 10X in the next year.
  • Doubling the number of treatments performed in partner hospitals.
  • Extending service to in-hospital and patient counselor follow-up care enabling end-to-end care for patients.
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