Western Diabetes Institute Partners with ClickMedix to Transform Traditional Diabetes Care

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Project Description

ClickMedix, a leader in telehealth, and the Western Diabetes Institute (WDI), an innovator in new care delivery models for diabetes, have entered into a collaboration combining ClickMedix’s mobile eHealthcare technology with WDI’s integrated, team-based care model to improve the value of health care.

Partnership with

The Western Diabetes Institute (WDI) at Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) in Pomona, California, is an integrated practice unit (IPU) whose mission is to deliver high-value, team-based care to people living with diabetes. As an academic health center, WDI provides health professions students with education and training in longitudinal, team-based care that is fundamental to improving the health and well-being of a large and growing number of people living with one or more chronic, complex diseases. The WDI houses various specialty units, including the Care Coordination Unit, the Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Health, the Center for Periodontal Health, the Heart and Vascular Center, the Center for Kidney Health; the Center for Fitness and Function, the Diabetes Education and Nutrition Unit, and the Clinical Research Unit. WDI also closely partners with WesternU’s Eye Care Center and the Limb Preservation Center.

We promote a reorganized health care structure centered around the patient ,as a person, and focus medical attention directly to the patient’s needs.
Dr. Andrew Pumerantz, Executive Director, Western Diabetes Institue

The Goal

Utlizing ClickMedix mobile Health technology, the WDI’s IPU promotes patient engagement and shared decision-making for lifestyle change management and facilitates communication of, and makes actionable, all types of data, by providing real-time health record accessibility to all parties involved in the patient’s care, including the referring primary care providers (PCP) and the patients themselves.

The Challenges

Creating a faster, more cost-effective care plan for people living with diabetes and multi-morbidity, which enables effective communication between patients and all of their providers across a complex healthcare ecosystem.

The Western Diabetes Institute Model

The Western Diabetes Institute model begins with an initial, same-day, comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation. During the evaluation patients see the clinical endocrinologist, dentist hygienist, optometrist, a dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, and physical therapist. In addition, an ECG and resting 2D echocardiogram screen for structural heart disease. At the end of the day, the patient. Care Coordinator/Promotora de Salud, and Clinical Pharmacist  meet  to establish a Core Collaborative Therapeutic Alliance (‘CoreCTA’),  and review the preliminary findings.

The Result

  • An average A1C decrease of 1.66 at the 3-month follow-up for patients who were initially referred to the Institute with poor glycemic control [A1C of 9% or greater].
  • ClickMedix was able to complete the digitization in fewer than five days.
  • Faster, more cost-effective treatment planning for diabetic patients.
  • WDI’s care coordinators and experts, spanning a spectrum of disparate disciplines, can easily and securely enter and review patient health information using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

ClickMedix has enabled referring primary care providers (PCPs) to receive real-time initial comprehensive reports and triaged care plans from the IPU team at WDI and to integrate longitudinal care with the IPU’s care coordinators/ Promotores de Salud. This innovative connectivity promotes care plan effectiveness and patient safety. ClickMedix captures the complexity of chronic multi-morbidity. Furthermore, this HIPAA-compliant, bank-level secure IT platform obviates the need to send health records by fax or US Mail. By connecting every stakeholder and the patient themself across the full care cycle, all contextual data and trends can be aggregated and form the basis of a robust and cross-disciplinary disease registry that in turn affords the opportunity for the analysis and study of complex health conditions in the real world.

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Follow up:

The LC3 Concept


Medical students actively use ClickMedix to communicate with patients and the patients’ care coordinators.

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Promotoras de Salud as Healthcare Coordinators

Promotoras de Salud integrate ClickMedix as patient’s healthcare coordinators

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 Score Card Tool for Health Metrics Transparency

A “balanced scorecard” created for each diabetes patient to illustrates the complexity and severity of co-morbidities and complications.

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