Pathways to Scale: A guide for early-stage global health innovators on business models and partnership approaches to scale-up


RATIONALE FOR THE PATHWAY CHOSEN (pg 16) • While Medtronic had many of the capabilities needed to develop and scale up Shruti iHear, it needed external partners locally to develop a ground level innovation: Once Medtronic licensed the technology from Chaturvedi, it was clear that this large company, will have to go beyond traditional product [...]

Innovations in Diabetes Care Around the World: Case Studies of Care Transformation Through Accountable Care Reforms


Original Article on Common Wealth Fund Synopsis The rising rate of diabetes worldwide has in recent years spurred a number of innovative prevention and treatment programs focused on community-based care and information technology. Scaling up these interventions has proved difficult, however. Based on case studies conducted in the United States, Mexico, and India, researchers [...]

Medtronic Shruti: Ear Infection Screening and Treatment (served 100,000+ patients)

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Medtronic and ClickMedix partners to provide ear-infection screening program in India to prevent unnecessary hearing loss. In Partnership With Medtronic is a world's largest medical devices company dedicated to  contributing to human welfare through the application of biomedical engineering. Patients Health workers [...]

Designing an Affordable Health Care Program for Hispanic Immigrants in New York City


Read the full article here Designing an Affordable Health Care Program for Hispanic Immigrants in New York City Supporting Grameen America in offering innovative health care services to its members April 22, 2014 Author(s): Matras H Dates of Project: December 2012 through November 2013 Grameen Research partnered with its sister organization Grameen America, a nonprofit [...]