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Mobile connected health and education platform

ClickMedix mHealth platform links the right data to the right health providers at the right time.

ClickMedix Mobile Connected Health and Education Platform provides a suite of telemedicine and education tools for clinics, hospitals, health programs, education programs, and research groups looking for a ready-to-use and easily customizable mobile-phone and web-based service to connect patients to doctors. The platform enables real-time collection of patient information needed for diagnosis by remote doctors. Information is collected by health workers, nurses, primary physicians, or patient’s care givers using our mobile phone application with a customizable medical protocol and questionnaire targeting specific health conditions. ClickMedix offers four product lines on its technology platform that can be deployed quickly and easily on smart phones (iPhone or Android) or via a web browser:

For Doctors:

  • Extend care to more patients with no admin costs
  • Tele-refer, remote consult, and collaborate with colleagues
  • Enhance patient engagement

Click-Specialist: Mobile tele-consultation for:

  • Dermatology
  • Wound care
  • Radiology
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Primary care
  • Psychiatry


  • Extend expertise to medical students/residents
  • Tele-mentor, remote consult, and enhance training
  • Share case-based studies and skills remotely

Click-Training: medical education via mobile and web applications to reinforce training protocols and support resident-attending collaboration on patient cases


  • Digitize research data collection
  • Automate real-time data analysis
  • Speedup intervention and publication of evidenced-based research

Click-Data: field data collection with real-time reporting


Health Programs:Risk Assessment

  • Automated risk assessment of patients for certain medical conditions


  • Real-time collection of patient data (along with images and audio) on mobile phone through pre-defined medical algorithms
  • Empower patient care teams (care givers, health workers, nurses, family members) to use mobile phones for continually updated patient information and tele-consultation
  • Remote consultation (diagnosis/ referrals) from doctors based on collected data
  • Minimize re-hospitalization and trips to doctors

Population Health

  • Health surveillance and pandemic early warning system
  • Patient health record management
  • Mobile payment (mPayment) and mobile accounting (mAccounting) for financing of healthcare

Click-Health: chronic disease management and ongoing care for

  • Seniors
  • Mothers and children
  • Diabetics
  • Pre/post surgery patients

We will partner with you in:

1. Analyzing your current workflow of our clients, and integrating the mobile tele-consultation service to fit within and improve the workflow.

2. Customizing a secure mobile tele-consultation service account access to connect health providers to medical specialists

3. Designing and piloting the mHealth solution, as well as tracking improvement metrics

4. Providing continuous support and data analysis for mobile tele-consultation service

5. Develop payment models to ensure financial sustainability of health service offering to ensure increase in bottom-line profitability of the health service

Email to get started or request for a demo and how we can create a service for your organization.