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Click-Training facilitates clinical rotation training, which enables virtual mentoring by medical attendings. The service
  • Provides HIPAA-compliant, reliable and secure private communication mechanisms between medical students, residents, and attendings
  • Enables virtual, asynchronous mentoring, advisory, and approval of medical consults made by medical residents and students during clinic rotations
  • Allows residents and students to draft consult responses, get feedback, and collaborate on patient diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Supports search for prior consults, by patient demographics, disease categories, and images
  • Facilitates building of community of disease experts as well as hands-on learning of special clinical topics
  • Enables creation of cases for grand round reviews as well as examinations

Workflow Demo


  • Reinforce training protocol while on the job with real patients/cases
  • Access to needed training protocol/materials
  • Access to trainer – remote apprentice ship
  • Real-time assessment of skills to apply learning in context
  • Medical education certification
How it works:
1. Medical student/resident collects patient symptoms information, including images using smart phone (iPhone or Android device) and ClickAttending application to submit a consult request
2. Either the student/resident or attending can review the patient case, draft a consult response on diagnosis and treatment plan
3. Attending can review case along with draft consult response to provide feedback and an approved, final consult on patient case
4. Attending can select cases for grand round review or examinations