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ClickMedix makes providing quality healthcare EASY and FAST for doctors and patients.

1. Enter symptoms information to consult with remote doctors

Use a phone* or web browser, and follow on-screen questions mimicking a physician’s interview of the patient to provide symptoms information to a remote doctor.

*Mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets are available for free download. Any other phones can access ClickMedix secure teleconsult web application on phone. For SMS-only phones, email for instructions.

2. Remote consulting doctor reviews symptoms and advises on diagnosis and treatment.

Consulting doctors will be able to:

view information collected via a mobile phone or web browser,

review images over time for disease morphology,

compare images side-by-side, and

Review health metrics overtime.

3. Enter treatment advice and instructions.

* Report and Analyze

See and analyze your data in real-time, by locations, patients, health practitioners, or status. Any data you collect (e.g. weight, glucose level, etc.) can also be used for time series analysis to spot problem areas.

Your Customized Mobile Telehealth Program

If you are looking to improve your current healthcare offering by reaching more patients, providing better care, and reducing costs, Click-Health solution allows you to easily customize your mobile-web powered telehealth service by offering the following:

  • Real-time collection of patient data (with multimedia) on mobile phones through pre-defined medical algorithms created by us, or you can use yours
  • Automated risk assessment of patients for certain medical conditions
  • Remote consultation (diagnosis/ referrals) based on collected data
  • Patient care coordination and management with your team and specialists
  • Health surveillance and pandemic early warning system

3 Easy steps to setup your mobile-powered telehealth program:

1. You tell us your workflow (who sees patients, who provides diagnosis, who provides treatment) and data (currently on paper or another system) you want to collect

2. We setup your mobile telehealth program to streamline your workflow and data collection on mobile devices and/or secure web portal (you get real-time data, digitized information, analysis tools, and fast workflow)

3. We provide ongoing maintenance and support so you do not need additional IT resources

Our payment model is tailored to your needs. Pay us only for what you use. We are as passionate as you are about providing better healthcare.

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