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Nursing Home, Philippines
Ma. Lourdes L. Priela, RN, Telehealth Nurse

After learning how to navigate the Click Medix system, I took note of some of the comments from healthcare providers who were able to use the program.

The entire system is very user-friendly. Hyperlinks are very limited and this avoids confusion.
In creating a case, it is worthy to have this “Draft Part” prior to submission. This allows the healthcare providers to edit/add information.
ID number is unique to each resident/patient. No matter how many questionnaires that we answer, ID number is associated with a specific resident/patient. This greatly helps us in tracking follow ups.
Ma’am, please take into account the following as we also noticed some redundancies.

This early, Click Medix has shown so much promise and potential in making our work less cumbersome and it proves to be beneficial to our patients as well. Your consideration of the foregoing opinion will be very much appreciated in further improving the system.

Thank you very much!


Global Development Collaborative, Peru
Ryan Vass, Founder

…your platform was more customizable and had more potential than dimagis more top-heavy concept. The truth is, at present,there isn’t all that much of a difference– at present, both platforms perform the same functions. However, as a passionista, Iwas much more excited about the prospect of working with your platform as it was being actively developed. Your platformseemed to me to be more elegant and more customizable. Also, I was genuinely excited about the prospect of working with youtoward a shared goal of creating a disruptive, groundbreaking product in the field of healthcare information technology. After Imet you, it was a no-brainer.
More concretely, Clickmedix’s interface is very apple-like: beautiful and attractive to use. Dimagi seems more of a platformdesigned for small crappy phones, with a more focus on immediate market penetration than product excellence. In a nutshell,their platform is likely limited to being a screening tool, and yours has the potential to obviate a majority of the need forphysician manpower in difficult to access areas. And that dovetails perfectly with my dream and ambition for the project that wehave begun in Peru.