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October 2017

September 2017

The Most Significant Innovation in Modern Healthcare Isn’t a Drug. It’s Your Cell Phone.

by Kristin Houser on September 10, 2017 Doctors on Call From life-saving medications to cutting-edge treatments, the healthcare industry thrives on constant innovation. However, according to one expert, the biggest recent breakthrough in healthcare isn’t [...]

April 2017

Quality Healthcare Through eHealth Platform

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ClickMedix’s eHealth platform enables doctors across the world to serve more patients at lower costs, while empowering local health workers to learn from medical experts abroad. Published by Sustainia, April 21 2017 ClickMedix is a [...]

December 2016

Pathways to Scale: A guide for early-stage global health innovators on business models and partnership approaches to scale-up

RATIONALE FOR THE PATHWAY CHOSEN (pg 16) • While Medtronic had many of the capabilities needed to develop and scale up Shruti iHear, it needed external partners locally to develop a ground level innovation: Once [...]

Digital Health: Heaven or Hell – Better Coordinated Care

Better Coordinated Care Pg. 18 A growing proportion of patients are in contact with a multiplicity of different professionals and agencies with no clearly defined person leading care. Without effective coordination there is a significant [...]

September 2016

Interviews With Business Call To Action’s ‘Breakthrough SMES’ ClickMedix

The company: ClickMedix The inclusive business initiative: providing affordable and quality health services to under-served populations by connecting patients to doctors through mobile technologies and community-based health providers to achieve continuous healthcare delivery to patients. Social [...]